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Dental Implants

Dental implant is a device surgically placed underneath the gingiva (gum) within the alveolar bone, to which is attached a permanent or removable single artificial tooth or teeth. Dental implants fundamentally serve two purposes the function and esthetics of a patient’s teeth.

Socket Preservation

Maintaining bone quality and quantity of the alveolar ridge during and after tooth/teeth removal is critical to assure the aesthetic and functional results for implant placement. Preserving the existing bone helps support both fixed and removable prostheses. The studies show that a person loses about 3-4mm of bone around the extraction site after the tooth removal. In addition, he or she is continuously losing about 29-60% of the jaw bone in that area over a period of time.

We can stop the bone loss through a process called socket preservation. The procedure can be done at the same time when the tooth is extracted, so it can be relatively painless; plus it is much more economical and has a more predictable outcome compared to if it is done at a later time, which is called ridge augmentation.

In ridge augmentation, the patient has to go through an additional surgical procedure to re-expose the bone and suffer pain and swelling post operation. It takes longer for healing and bone regeneration. Last but not least, this procedure costs much more for the patient.

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